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Crochet Topped Halloween Kitchen Towels

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This is a set of 2 100% cotton kitchen towels topped with 100% cotton yarn to make it easy to hang from your stove or cabinet handle without worrying about it continually falling to the floor!  These two towels feature spooky spider webs and Trick or Treat!

I don't often decorate for the season (unless it's Christmas, then I go all out!)  but the one way I love to decorate is with festive kitchen towels!  As the heart of the home, I love walking into the kitchen and see fun towels on the stove.  What I DON'T love is seeing the fun, festive towels laying in a pile on the floor (can you relate?!)  Enter the fun towel topper that helps add even more festivity to the towel while keeping it nicely in place where you put it!

Since I used 100% cotton yarn to top the towels these are easily machine washed and dried.

Towels from Michaels - crochet top by me!